The ARSP supports studies and research on various countries with Sizeable population of People of Indian Origin to promote better understanding of PIO in these countries. The ARSP has already published thirteen books under the title ‘Mother India Children Abroad’, each issue focusing attention on one country, giving the background, history, cultural aspects, activities of Indians and Inter-relationship of such with India. These include books on South Africa (1987), Fiji (also in 1987), Guyana (1988), Mauritius (also in 1988), Sri Lanka (1989), Indonesia (1990), Suriname (1991), Malaysia (1992), Thailand (1994), Trinidad And Tobago (1995), Myanmar (1996), East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) in 1997 and Australia & New Zealand in 2002. A book on Gulf Countries is in the pipeline

The Parishad also brings out an illustrated monthly BULLETIN which highlights the achievements of Indians abroad as also airs their woes and worries.