In pursuance of the objectives, the Parishad has undertaken the following programmes:-

  • Assist and co-operate with Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India to strengthen linkages with Indian Diaspora.
  • Organise art and cultural programmes , spiritual, tourism for PIO visitors including students who come to study in India.
  • Arrange hospitality for students especially of Indian origin in Indian families to enable them to settle down and familiarize themselves with the Indian way of life.
  • Build facilities at ‘Pravasi Bhawan’ for the benefit of PIO students, scholars and visitors. Promote literature and provide information on the cultural life and the rich heritage of India.
  • Publish Journals and Newsletters for distribution within the country and abroad with a view to promote the objectives of the Parishad.
  • Organise orientation programmes for the Indian scholars and visitors going abroad and equip them with basic knowledge of cultural and social aspects of India and countries they visit.
  • Bring to the notice of the Government and also promote an awareness among the general public about the problems of Indian Abroad.
  • Arrange seminars and meetings by eminent scholars, social workers, politicians and students from other countries and India on topics of mutual interest.
  • Arrange receptions to foreign dignitaries who visit India to exchange views on the cultural, social and economic life of the people abroad and specially people of Indian origin.
  • Sponsor goodwill delegation to foreign countries to study and have a better understanding of the people of those countries.
  • Establish contacts with diplomatic missions of various countries in India as also with the departments dealing with foreign affairs and culture in India.