About Us

The ARSP (Antar Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad) was founded as a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political society in 1978, with an aim to keep close interaction with people all over the world. The founders were of the view that India, as an ancient culture and civilization, with spirituality as its foundation stone, must spread its concept of `Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family). Since then it is keeping a close contact with people of Indian origin and the friendly countries with whom they have cultural ties or economic interests.

The ARSP has always been led by illustrious and eminent personalities. Dr. Dharma Vira (former Governor of West Bengal) was the Founder-President. He was followed by Mr. Bhagwan Singh (first High Commissioner of India in Fiji), Dr. Sarojini Mahishi (former Minister of State, Government of India), Mr. Lakhan Lai Mehrotra (former Secretary, Ministry of External affairs and Mr. Ved Prakash Goyal (former Cabinet Minister). It is presently headed by Mr. Shashank, who retired as Foreign Secretary of India in July, 2004.

From a humble beginning in 1978, the ARSP has expanded considerably and now has branches in 19 cities of 10 states of India. Many of our Life Members are living abroad in countries like America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Guyana etc.

ARSP History

The Antar-Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad Bharat (Indian Council for International Cooperation) was founded in 1978 as a non-political, non-profit, voluntary organisation. Its main objective is to promote the Indian philosophy of universality of human race upholding close interaction among the vast Indian Diaspora, numbering over 30 million, spread around the globe.

Ever since its foundation in 1978, ARSP has concentrated on interpreting and disseminating India’s cultural heritage. It has sought to strengthen the bonds between Mother India and its Children overseas; to keep close interaction with the People of India Origin (PIOs) and assist them in discovering their roots; to create an increasing awareness about their achievements as well as their problems and seeking solutions.

The ARSP has been instrumental in assisting PIOs in organising visits to India, helping students from the Indian Diaspora in their studies and research in India, and organising seminars and conferences both in India and abroad with a view to promote and achieve its objectives.

The ARSP has always been led by illustrious and eminent personalities. Late Dr. Dharam Vira (former Governor of West Bengal) was the Founder – President. He was followed by Shri Bhagwan Singh (First Indian High Commissioner in Fiji); Dr. Sarojini Mahishi (former Minister of State, Government of India); Sri Lakhan Lal Mehrotra (former Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs) , Shri Ved Prakash Goyal (former Union Minister of Shipping). Presently, it is headed by Shri Shashank (former Foreign Secretary). Shri Baleshwar Agarwal, the nonagenarian journalist and noted social worker is founder-member and Secretary General of ARSP.

ARSP membership is mostly limited to intellectuals, social activists, and the public-spirited persons having aspirations to promote international co-operation, peace and brotherhood.

During the period of over three decades, the ARSP has emerged as the most powerful non-governmental organisation connecting the people of Indian origin settled all over the world. From a humble beginning in 1978 it has expanded considerably and now has different chapters in 19 cities in 10 states of India. Its present membership includes over 2000 life members.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote goodwill and understanding among people of the world through nurturing people- to- people relationships.
  2. To organise cultural exchanges between the scholars and thinkers of India and other countries .
  3. To support studies and research to promote better understanding of the people of India and vice-versa.
  4. To promote awareness about the problems of Indians abroad, and highlighting their achievements in their adopted countries through our monthly Bulletin.
  5. To offer hospitality to PIO guests visiting India for social, cultural & academic works.
  6. To provide assistance to students from abroad especially students from the Indian Diaspora.
  7. To provide facilities to people of Indian origin to trace their roots in India.